Our priority is to be able to offer you a great variety of products of the best quality in order to preserve excellence in our service.

We have a bakery with artisan bread, fruits and vegetables of the best quality and chosen with care for you, a delicatessen with a wide range of sausages, meats and cheeses selected to satisfy the most select palates, as well as a great variety of products of everyone, dietetics, allergens and ecological.

Refrigerated products

From the market to the plate!

In our fish shop you will find fresh and daily produce, fish in Roses and with a unique Mediterranean aroma. Variety of fish and seafood to choose from.
In addition, in the selection of dairy you can choose from a multitude of desserts, yogurts, cheeses and milks of the best brands and at the best prices.


Choose, enjoy and not get bored! If you are passionate about wine or cava, you have a large and select cellar where you could find all varieties and denominations of origins. You will also find a large selection of local and international beers and a large liqueurs range. Let us advise you.

Home and gaden

In Supermercats Montserrat we want that in your house not missing any details.

That’s the reason why in our home section you can find everything you need.

Personal care & beauty

For all types of skin and hair. Come and look what’s New!

Skin, hair, oral and nail care, fragrances, bath & body, makeup, sun & tanning, personal care, hand soap & sanitizers.